Our Story

“We just want businesses to do what‘s right and what’s fair. We are not looking for privilege - just opportunities. Once genuine opportunities are there, the rest is up to us”.”


All That Media is the brain child of two brothers, who as young men struggled to aspire to their profession of choice due to social pressures. Having been brought up with their sister, a stones throw away from an estate with one of the most notorious ‘gang‘ reputations in North London, they were looking for answers.

Watching many of their school friends, who had tirelessly looked for work without success, turn to the drug trade to earn a living, they knew that they had to not just ‘make a difference’ but to ‘be the difference‘. So Judah decided he would go to University and break the negative stereotype that was all over the media. 

The adversity they personally experienced strengthened their resolve to do something that would create more diverse and sustainable opportunities, primarily for young men and women to enable them to aim higher.

So in January 2019 they set about seeking Diversity Experts, Mentors, Sales & Marketing Professionals and those at the top of their field, with irrefutable track records of success. Together they would share the vision to be the go-to agency to help organisations connect with the corporate sector to address the negative stereotypes of able  youth  (labelled  as disadvantaged) and those  under-represented and  misrepresented in industry and society at large.This would help to improve social mobility especially of young people, give them better opportunities and encourage them not to lose hope.

All That Media is a collaborative effort that uses the agility, enthusiasm and ideas of young minds together with the wisdom, life experience, professional practice and expertise of a network of consultants and organisations.

We invite you to be part of the journey, through sponsorships, workshops and utilising our wealth of knowledge to make the difference to you and your company.

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